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Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012


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Kingsoft Office Suite Standard
Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 is designed to cater to the office need of users at home, school or company. It consists three parts: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. Using it, users can create, view, edit and save all document formats of Microsoft Office.Whilst, Microsoft Office can open all Kingsoft files even without Kingsoft Office being installed on that computer, so users don't have to worry about the compatibility problem.

The interface of Standard 2012 also adopts the Ribbons design elements. The multi-tab feature and and sophisticated toolbar facilitate quick and convenient file management. The appearance of this interface is highly similar to Microsoft 2007.

The standard version has all the features which professional version has except the VBA macro function. These features standard version has are enough to match the daily requirements. The installation package of Standard 2012 is small and allow users to easily install and uninstall the software. Secondly, it offers a built-in spell checker to help check the documents. Thirdly, the built-in PDF converter allows convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF formats. Lastly, offers a large number of templates in Presentation Standard 2012 that help users to easily and efficiently create slides directly by using these templates.

In addition, Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012 added several distinctive functions. The powerful paragraph adjustment tool allows users to edit paragraphs with ease. It supports dropping and dragging the paragraph directly. There is also a table style adjustment function that includes a useful add row or column icon. Simply drop and drag the icon when users need to add a row or column to a table.

With this update, it is now easier to protect documents. An encryption function is offered as part of Office Standard that allows users to better protect their files. There is also an online update function to help download the newest.

What’s New in Kingsoft Office Suite Standard 2012:

» New: Add a new 2012 interface which is similar to Microsoft 2010. It also retains the traditional interface that allows you to switch between two interfaces.
» New: Add paragraph adjustment tool to allow you to change paragraph spacing by easily dragging mouse directly, and you can see the adjustment effect at once.
» New: Add a great number of templates in Standard Writer and Presentation to allow you to directly quote them.
» Improved: Optimize the scroll bar, distinguished the scroll bar style between the document edit pane and task window.
» Improved: Fix a problem that the task window is too wide.

• Platforms : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Kingsoft Office Suite Standard
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Author: Kingsoft Office
License: Shareware
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